[Callers] need a dance w/ hey and wave balance

Joseph Erhard-Hudson josephatthecoop at gmail.com
Tue Jun 11 21:17:32 PDT 2013

My humble composition:

Sashenka        Joseph Erhard-Hudson        Becket
A1  Circle Left 3/4, and pass through (8) with left hand ready for...
      Hands-across left hand star. (8)
             (After 1x, men drop out on own side)
A2  Women continue by left 1.5x, (8) give right hand to own partner to form
wavy line.
      Balance wave (4)
      Box the gnat to put men in the center back to back* (4)
B1  Hey for 4, partners start by right shoulder. (16)
B2  Partners B&S

*On last beat of A2, I encourage all dancers to finish box the gnat by
throwing their right hand in the air and shouting "Hey!". Tune selection
can encourage this: in the last phrase of A2, look for an ending
punctuation of two strong quarter notes.

Written for Northwest Folklife 2008, and named for the tune Sashenka by the
Portland-area band Hands 4.

I note with irony that what I wrote was yet another Becket of the type that
came up in another recent thread:  (B2) P B&S to (A1) Circle L 3/4.

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 5:14 PM, Bill Baritompa <
staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz> wrote:

> Here's three more
> http://youtu.be/rlisHB8G8GQ
> Winter in Summerland            Jeff Spero and James Hutson
> Becket
> A1      Gents Allemand Left 1 1/2 Neighbor Swing
> A2      LLFB, Pass Thru to a wave across, Balance
> B1      Pass to Next wave (start right shoulders with new N) Hey
> B2      Partner Balance and Swing (face the same nbrs as in B1)
> http://www.quiteapair.us/**calling/acdol/dance/acd_122.**html<http://www.quiteapair.us/calling/acdol/dance/acd_122.html>
> Rant and Roar           Russell Owen            Improper
> 1994
>  A1     Neighbor Allemand right, Ladies cross the set (pass lt sh) Partner
> Swing
> A2      LLFB, Ladies Chain,
> B1      Hey (Ladies X Right Shoulder) end in long waves (gents facing out,
> Left hand to Neighbor)
> B2      Balance the Wave R/L, Slide Right one place Make a new wave (as in
> Rory O'More) Balance this wave L/R, Slide left one place
> http://www.jefftk.com/contras/**dances/silver<http://www.jefftk.com/contras/dances/silver>
> Silver Anniversary Reel         Jim Kitch               Improper
> A1      Mad Robin Circle Left 3/4, ladies roll gents away
> A2      Hey (Ladies X Left Shoulder)
> B1      Partner Gypsy and Swing
> B2      Pass Thru to an ocean wave, Balance Ladies Allemand Left 1/2,
>          Neighbor Allemand right 1x
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