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Erik Hoffman erik at erikhoffman.com
Wed Jun 5 14:08:45 PDT 2013

When considering moves think about what they do:

A circle left 3/4 moves everyone to the right one spot.  This means that 
one person ends on the side they started with, and the other crosses 
over.  The vast majority of the time it's the man who ends up on the 
same side they started on, and the women ends up crossing over.  With 
this in mind, if you want to modify a dance to create a bit more 
variation you could, instead:

* have the woman (person who changes side) allemande 1-1/2.
* do a Balance the Ring, and have that person cross
* a give & take
* women chain
* and I'm sure there are other ways of getting someone to cross the set

one of these variants may work in the choreography of the dance.

And, of course, you could just ask a bunch of people for dances that 
don't include the move, like those others have submitted and:

     "There is no way to Peace; Peace is the way"
     Erik Hoffman
A1  Women Do Si Do;  Partner Swing
A2  Men Allemande Left 1-1/2;  Neighbor Swing
B1  Long Lines Forward & Back;  Women Right Elbow Turn 1-1/2
B2  Women Star Promenade Partner 3/4 until two (new-Next Neighbor) Men meet
        Men link Left Elbows (women let go of the right elbow) to Star 
        End on Own Side with a butterfly twirl to face that same Next 
Neighbor couple
Note: the quote is a saying from A. J. Muste, our nations one time "most 
famous pacifist."  It boggles my mind that, with our corporate media 
tied to the military-industrial complex, we could have ever had a famous 
pacifist.  Then again, we had Martin Luther King, too...

     More Again
     Penn Fix
A1  (Current) Neighbor Do Si Do
        -- end in long waves, Neighbor in Right, Previous Neighbor
            in Left, Men facing out, Women in
       Balance the wave (4)
       Current Neighbor Allemande Right
A2  Previous Neighbor Allemande Left;  Current Neighbor Swing
B1  Men Allemande Left 1-1/2;  Partner Swing
B2  Women Allemande Right, pull Partner to Center with Left,
        Men Pull By with Right, Current Neighbor Allemande Left 1-1/4
        to meet next Neighbor for the A1 DSD

     Curly Cues
     Erik Hoffman
A1 -- a "Wizard Walk like Move":
        1s split the 2s to meet Next (future #2-Neighbors)
         With Future 2s Gypsy until the ones can cast up
         and around current 2s to original place, where the 1s
         cross to proper sides ending in a line of four with the 2s
         in the center
A1   Down Hall 4 in line, fold line (momentary circle) 1s join
         hands, 2s open up for a line facing up the hall, now 1s
         in center.   2s hand cast the 1s to long lines
B1   1s turn Contra Corners
B2   1s Balance & Swing Partner
My variation of Chorus Jig...

~erik hoffman
     Oakland, CA

On 6/5/2013 12:53 PM, frannie wrote:
> Circle L 3/4 & swing, Circle L 3/4 & pass thru, Circle L 3/4 & balance the
> wave, Circle L 3/4 & balance the ring all feel just a little different.
> And it's better than having a program with all gents allemande L 1.5!
> I've had this problem before!
> ~ frannie
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