[Callers] contradance materials and/or calls in Spanish or any non-English language

Mark Stowe mkstowegnv at gmail.com
Sun Jul 21 10:24:35 PDT 2013

I am dating a Mexican anthropology professor that I met at a
contradance at an Earth Skills festival in Gainesville FL and she is
now a complete convert.  This past New Year's we got 20 of her family
and friends contradancing.  They caught on quickly, really liked it
and would like me to start a regular contradance in Xalapa=Jalapa
where it actually has a better than average chance of working given
the large arts/ music community, and the numerous international
students and expats.

Given time constraints and going back and forth this is a long term
project but two weeks from today before I go back to the US (and my
contradance camp at Burning Man) I am supposed to put together a
contradance for a large party.

Any leads to possibly existing materials/ written explanations or
calls in Spanish would be appreciated.   And given my travels to other
countries (especially French speaking) I wonder is there any
non-English material and/or calls?  Thanks!

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