[Callers] And while I'm at it...

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Here's the one from me:
Criss-Cross Heys              Becket-L, 4/1/03
A1.  8,2,6 Circle L and pass through R, N2 pass L, N3 gypsy R
A2.  4,12  N2 balance, swing
B1.  8,8    Gents allemande L 1 1/2, 1/2 hey (PR, LL, N2R, GL)
B2.  4,12  Partner balance, swing    (or gypsy and swing)
The A1 forms a mini hey up and down, and combined the 1/2 hey across gives you the criss-cross.  A relatively simple way to go out of the minor set - 


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> There are a couple of other dances I'm having trouble tracking down. 
> One is Hotpoint Special, which I think may be by Rick Mohr, and again 
> there's a band by that name. Criss-Cross Hey by Bob Isaacs is another.
> Kalia
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