[Callers] Giant Robot Dance

Linda Leslie laleslierjg at comcast.net
Tue Jul 9 15:42:14 PDT 2013

Dear Kalia,
I am not sure that the dance you refer to is the following. However, I  
wrote this for Dance Flurry 2009, when I had the pleasure of calling  
there with Giant Robot. The session was titled "1,2,3,4 Swings".  I  
would love to know if this is the dance in question!
warmly, Linda

Giant Robot Dance
by Linda Leslie

A1 -----------
Circle left three-quarters
Pass through
Next Neighbor do si do
A2 -----------
Same Neighbor B & S
B1 -----------
Long lines forward and back
NEXT neighbor swing
B2 -----------
Give & Take to the Gent’s side

On Jul 9, 2013, at 4:21 PM, Kalia Kliban wrote:

> I have a scribbled note from a dance weekend back in February that I  
> really enjoyed this dance but I didn't get the author's name, and  
> now all I can find online is references to the band with that name.   
> Can anybody point me to a source?
> Kalia
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