[Callers] Easy 4-facing-4s

Bill Baritompa staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Sat Jul 6 20:42:58 PDT 2013

Hi Tina,

     Here is a very easy dance

Lyttelton		Bill Baritompa 		4 face 4
A1	Lines of 4 forward and back 2x			
A2	Ladies chain over and back			
B1	All four ladies right hand star 1/2;   (diagonal) Neighbor Swing (face back 
B2	All four gents left hand star 1/2, Partner Swing (face your direction)			
note: stars in B1 and B2 take 4 beats, very quick!	

Lynn's dance looks very nice.

Cheers, Bill			

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