[Callers] Request for civility from the list

Linda Leslie laleslierjg at comcast.net
Tue Jul 2 07:50:18 PDT 2013

In recent weeks, I have begun to notice that some posts lack the usual  
supportive comments and suggestions that I have come to enjoy on this  
list. Instead, there seems to be more than a hint of  "I'm right, you  
must be wrong" or "how could you possibly think that......?", and  
other negative postings. I include here comments concerning our  
approaches/teaching as callers, but also about dancers and dance  

More recently, folks have been suggesting that positive phrases will  
work better to encourage dancers and make them feel great about  
dancing. It would seem logical that we would practice this behavior  
with each other! We all have different dance communities and ways that  
we have learned to call and teach and dance. I would hope that we  
would offer our own experiences as suggestions, or ways that have been  
successful in our own dance communities, and avoid denigrating the  
experiences or ideas of others.

My thanks to the many on the list who are very aware of the impact of  
their posts, and continue to share in such positive ways.

I would so much appreciate again looking forward to all of the emails  
generated from this list.

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