[Callers] How to Teach a Hey

Greg McKenzie grekenzie at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 07:01:30 PDT 2013

Rich asked:

> >From a MWSD caller that is new to Contras, how do you teach a hey?

I, almost exclusively, call at open public contra dances so I almost never
program a hey figure before the break--if I use one at all.  From a contra
dance perspective I would apply the words, or time spent "teaching a hey"
during the evening to the goal of integrating the hall.  That would take
less time than the teaching of just this one figure...and it has many other

When I do call a hey in a well-integrated hall I introduce the figure in
the walk-through saying: "This next figure is a hey.  It's a weaving figure
and you end up ______________ Just do what others do and act cool.  Ready?
Ladies start, right shoulder, HEY!"

The *worst *way to teach a hey is during the optional newcomer's

- Greg McKenzie
West Coast, USA

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