[Callers] How to Teach a Hey

Dale Wilson dale.wilson at gmail.com
Tue Jul 2 05:48:46 PDT 2013

hen I teach a hey in the intro workshop (sometimes we make it that far) I
start with a ladies chain.

I tell the ladies to try the chain without any hands including walking
around the courtesy turn.    Now, ladies, you know your part of a move
called "Half a hey".   Gents pay attention because you are going to follow
the same path.

Of course, gents, to follow her path it helps to start where she started so
while the women are passing each other in the center you can move over to
her starting place.  Then follow her, but not too close.  Leave room for
people passing between you.

Then I have them do it several times.  Along the way I mention "Notice that
you pass right shoulders in the center and left on the sides."

Now that you have half a hey you are ready to do a full hey.  Just do the
half hey twice, but be sure not to hurry at the ends.   Loop out farther
than you think you need to, you have lots of time.

Congratulations, you've learned the hardest move in contra (maybe a slight
exaggeration) and you are ready to dance.  You'll have a great time.    A
few details you need to know.   Drink lots of water. The bathrooms are down
that hall, etc...


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> >From a MWSD caller that is new to Contras, how do you teach a hey?
> Rich
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