[Callers] Salute to Betsy Ross

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Mon Jul 1 09:30:58 PDT 2013

In case you're calling on Thursday
Salute to Betsy Ross
Duple PROPER (because Betsy was proper)
A1  Long lines ("stripes") go forward and back (8);  Ones swing  in the 
center, face down and pick up your 2s (8).
A2  All go down the hall (6), Thread the Needle** (4), come back up  the 
hall, bend to a hands across RH star (1s are below) (6)
B1  Turn this star once around (8), then with NEXT Ns LH star  once around 
8), face original Ns on the side (ones are still below the  twos)
B2  Dosido this original N once around (8); just the Twos (who are  above) 
swing in the center (8), and back out PROPER into progressed places,  ready 
for long stripes/lines F/B.
**Thread the Needle:  
Starts facing down. Ones are in the middle with the lady on the  right.  
Twos are on the outside. Everyone continues to hold hands through  the 
Man 2 makes an arch -- the "eye" of the needle -- and moves across the  set 
toward woman 2, who leads the "thread" of hand-holding dancers through the  
eye. The line unfurls with everyone facing up, with the twos  still on the 
outside, and the ones on the inside. A demo is often more helpful  than a 
verbal description.
My profound thanks to Bob Isaac, who looked at the original and said,  
"Needs something."  He was right, as he so often is.  
April Blum

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