[Callers] community dance

Tom Hinds twhinds at earthlink.net
Wed Jan 30 14:35:21 PST 2013


Good luck with your community dance series.  You might enjoy Catch:

Two dancers are chosen to make a two-handed arch.  The other dancers  
promenade single file around the hall, going under the arch one by  
one.  When the caller says the word catch, the arch is dropped.   
Anyone caught goes to the center and waits.  If no one is caught then  
the arch goes back up and the dancers start moving again.  When two  
people are in the center, they pair up and make a second arch.   
Basically this continues until all have a partner.  The most  
frustrating part of this game/dance is when the arches are left down  
too long and everyone has to sit in rush hour traffic.  Although I  
tell them to bring their arches up right away there are always some  
who ignore me on this point.  Catch leaves the dancers in the perfect  
formation to do the Paddy Cake Polka if you want to do another dance  
right away.

I think Catch is only fun with a large number of people like 20 or  
more.  Warn them about eye glasses!!!!!!!


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