[Callers] easy modern-day contras with petronella turns

Bob Isaacs isaacsbob at hotmail.com
Fri Jan 25 17:44:29 PST 2013

Here's a few:
Tic-a-Tic-a-Timing           Becket-L / Dean Snipes
A1.  Slide L and circle L 3/4, neighbor swing
A2.  Promenade across, ladies chain to partner
B1.  Balance, Petronella, balance, Petronella
B2.  Partner balance, swing
Heartbeat Contra            Improper / Don Flaherty
A1.  Balance, Petronella, balance, Petronella
A2.  Neighbor balance, swing
B1.  Ladies gypsy R 1 1/2, partner swing
B2.  Circle L 3/4, balance, Cal twirl
Power Surge              Becket-L / Beth Brill & Bob Isaacs
A1.  Slice L, ladies chain to neighbor
A2.  Balance, Petronella, balance, Petronella
B1.  Neighbor balance, swing
B2.  Gents allemande L 1 1/2, partner swing
The Cure for the Claps         Improper / Bob Isaacs
A1.  Balance, Petronella, partner swing
A2.  Balance, Petronella, neighbor swing
B1.  Down hall in line/4 - turn alone, return and bend line
B2.  Circle L, balance, Cal twirl
Because it is a group of four figure, one nice aspect of Petronellas is how easily they are taught between dancers.  Most beginners can learn them after a few progressions by copying experienced dancers - 


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> Subject: [Callers] easy modern-day contras with petronella turns
> Looking for easy, accessible, beginner-friendly 
> modern-day/contemporary contra dances with petronella turns -- with 
> instructions (in addition to dance name and author), if possible. If 
> this has been discussed before, happy to be pointed to the correct 
> place to look in the archives. Thanks in advance for the help!
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