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Chris Page chriscpage at gmail.com
Mon Jan 7 00:13:33 PST 2013

If you're looking in books or websites, it can feel like panning for gold.
A lot of effort, but sometimes you pick up gems others have missed. Or
maybe come across something you can polish up with just a little tweak.

Some books and sites are better than others. For instance, you'll have a
better hit ratio on Rick Mohr's website.

As for individual dances, here's a few I've run across.

Sticking with equal dances:

Al's Safeway Produce (Cromartie)
Ben's Spinoff #3 (Hubert)
Bicoastal Contra (Campbell)
Butter (Hubert)
Catch a Falling Star (Axel-Lute)
Centrifugal Hey (Hubert)
Cheat Lake Twirl (folk-processed version) (Shafran)
Cherokee Shuffle (Kaynor)
A Dance for Dan (Olson)
Delphiniums and Daisies (Rotenberg)
Easy Street (Isaacs)
Gypsy for Jessica (Lehmann)
Gypsy Madness (Isaacs)
Hang Time (Isaacs/AUman)
Hay in the Barn (Guthrie)
Heart of Glass (Ravitz)
Heartbeat Contra (Flaherty)
Hey Man (Balliet)
Hortensia's Cravat (Woods)
Joel's in the Kitchen (Rosen)
Judah Jig (Fenton)
Kitchen Stomp (Hill)
Less is More (Watson)
Little Girl With the Curl (Isaacs)
Mad Hey for Shadrack (Wild)
Mad, Mad World (Wild)
Mary Cay's Reel (Kaynor)
Mirror, Mirror (Kitch)
Momma Loo's Reel (Hubert)
Monday Night in Ballard (Richardson)
Moody Street (Rosen)
O'Brien's Star (Hill)
Passion Breakdown B (Ravitz)
Pedal Pushers (Dalsemer)
Pittsboro Pattycake (Hubert)
Roll in the Hey (Diggle)
Round the House (Isaacs)
Salmonella Evening (Zakon-Anderson/Cromartie)
Sarah's Journey (Hubert)
Second Time Around (Kitch)
Slice of Life (Isaacs)
Sneak Peek (Isaacs)
Square Affair (Hill)
Summer of '84 (Hubert/Schnur)
Synchronicity (Mohr)
To Turn a Phrase (Isaacs)
Turning Point (Hubert)
Treasure of Sierra Madre (Hutson)
Trip to IHOP (Claflin)
Trip to Lambertville (Zakon-Anderson)
United We Dance (Isaacs)
Walk the Walk (Isaacs)

-Chris Page
San Diego

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