[Callers] Dances for Smaller groups

Jacob & Nancy Bloom bloom at gis.net
Sat Feb 2 14:25:37 PST 2013

Dear Cheryl,

Here are some dances I've found useful for smaller groups of dancers.


For 4: Billingsdale Pattern by Chip Hendrickson or O'Donnell Anew by 
Tony Saletan
         (Both in Zesty Contras)

For 5: General Dummer's Reel
page 38)

For 6: Cornish Six Hand Reel, or any triplet that's suitable for your group
         (See Zesty Contras for the triplets Ted's Triplet #3 and 

         Cornish Six Hand Reel - 64 bar dance - Starting formation: 
three couples in a line of six facing down the hall
         Line of six go down the hall, balance twice             8 bars
         Turn alone, come up the hall, balance twice             8 bars
         With partner RH turn, LH turn                           8 bars
         Two hand turn, Dosido                                   8 bars
         Hey for six                                             16 bars
         Take partner in promenade position, face RH wall,
         couple at RH end of set leads promenade to LH end of set and 
makes an arch,
         other couples come under arch, all swing partner in new 
position        16 bars

         (See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UKYLDM1w6NE for a 
fascinating variant)

For 7: Shira's Seven

         Shira's Seven           Jacob Bloom
         Starting formation: Longways for 3 couples plus extra dancer 
at top of set, in Ocean Wave with RH to partner, LH to next
         Suggested music: Westfork Gals
         All Balance, those who can Allemande R  4 bars
         All Balance, those who can Allemande L  4 bars
         Balance & swing partner, while extra dancer dances to foot 
of set       8 bars
         Extra dancer B&S their choice of the dancers in couple #3,
         The dancer left out B&S their choice of the dancers in couple #2
         The dancer left out B&S their choice of the dancers in 
couple #1        8 bars
         All three new couples F&B to new extra dancer at top of 
set             4 bars
         Dosido partner to an ocean wave                                 4 bars

For 9: Stars In The Triangle

         Stars In The Triangle           Jacob 
Bloom             Starting formation: Triangle of threesomes
         Middles swing RH person, LH people Star R, return       8 bars
         Middles swing LH person, RH people Star R, return       8 bars
         Middles Star R, Star L and go on to new threesome       8 bars
         Heys for three with new people                  8 bars

For 10: Texas Star (it may have been written as a square, but I think 
I've called it for five couple sets at least as often as I've called 
it for four couple sets)
         Also, there are many whole-set-longways dances which work 
for sets of four to six couples.

At 12:00 PM 2/2/2013, you wrote:
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>From: Cheryl Joyal <clmjoyal at aol.com>
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>         Smaller groups
>THANKS SO MUCH for the spreadsheet - I am a relatively new caller 
>and appreciate the resource!
>I am also looking for dances for a smaller number of dancers which 
>often "shrinks" to only about 6 - 12 people for second half of the 
>dance?.   Anyone have some easy dances for 4, 5 ,6 people that they like ?
>(yes I know I also need to start working on calling squares ! Open 
>to some easier ones of those as well, and especially breaks to mix things ups!)

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