[Callers] Favorite AABBCC contra dances?

Erik Hoffman erik at erikhoffman.com
Mon Dec 2 08:16:06 PST 2013

Major Hey is an AABBC dance, or 40-bars, not 48.

Just in case that's also include-able:

Major Hey
4-face-4 Becket

Line up as a four face four, identify your traveling partners (your "hey 
buddy") then identify your direction of travel -- ones progressing down, 
twos up.  Then in circles of four, circle left one place.  Now traveling 
buddies are facing the "same wall," so identify "your original wall."

A1  Circle left 3/4, pass through up and down (direction of travel), and 
swing the new neighbor end facing in (facing partner)

A2  Long lines forward and back (toward partner) (there are four lines, 
sort of two contras);  Men (in lines facing) allemande left 1-1/2 to 
make waves of 8 -- partner in right (women in center lines that were 
back to back join left hands)

B1  Rory O'More Balances towards and away from partner -- you know, twice

B2  Half hey for 8, start passing partner's right shoulder, when you 
meet your partner the next time

C   Partner Balance & Swing

Note that though I call it AABBC, there are tunes that work fine that 
are played AABCC, like Little Billy Wilson or Three Thin Dimes.

I've had experiences calling this and having it run really smoothly -- 
with 1 walk through, and times when I've called it to dancers I thought 
could do it, and couldn't successfully teach it -- even after 3 
walk-throughs, thus watched it fall apart with confusion.

~erik hoffman
     Oakland, CA

On 12/2/2013 6:19 AM, Bree Kalb wrote:
> Major Hey by Erik Hoffman. I think you can find it with a quick 
> search; if not, I'll write it out for you.
> BTW, William, you wrote one of my favorite dances: Devil's Backbone. 
> Thank you!
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> Hi All,
> A band I'm working with on an upcoming contra dance gig has asked me if I
> can find a dance to fit some AABBCC tunes they have. They mentioned Real
> Beatrice, and suggested that a balance at the top of C1 might work very
> well.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> William
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