[Callers] Favorite AABBCC contra dances?

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Hi William:


I had a similar request a few years ago, and wrote the following.  There are two problems with AABBCC contras:


1. They don't progress as often, so a double progression was suggested.  But with all double progressions, there is also the other issue of having significant activity with each neighbor.


2. It can be a challenge to fill up 96 beats without repeating figures.


Triple Double                    Improper, double progression, 1/27/10


A1.  4,12  N1 balance, swing


A2.  4,4  Circle L 1/2, gents roll partner across

      4,4  Circle L 1/2, gents roll N1 along


B1.  6,10  Cross trail through, N2 swing

B2.  8,8  Gents allemande L 1 1/2, 1/2 hey (PR, LL, N2R, GL)


C1.  4,12 Partner balance, swing


C2.  8,8  Ladies chain to N2, star L


As with any dance exceeding A1-B2, be prepared to call it all the way through.  Most contra dancers are not conditioned to remembering dances of this length well enough to go on autopilot.




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> Hi All,
> A band I'm working with on an upcoming contra dance gig has asked me if I
> can find a dance to fit some AABBCC tunes they have. They mentioned Real
> Beatrice, and suggested that a balance at the top of C1 might work very
> well.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> William
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