[Callers] dances with down-the-halls

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JoLaine and All:


Does it always have to be down-the-hall?


Turning in Turn               Improper - line/4 (2s in the middle)

Bob Isaacs, 12/99


1A1.  Up hall in line/4 - turn alone, down hall and bend line

1A2.  Circle L, 1s 1/2 figure 8 above

1B1.  1s turn contra corners

1B2.  1s balance, swing - face down
2A1.  Down hall in line/4 - turn alone, up hall and bend line

2A2.  Circle L, 2s 1/2 figure 8 below

2B1.  2s turn contra corners

2B2.  2s balance, swing - face up

Unlike other alternating cc dances, this povides a reminder of who's active.  When starting up the hall, it's the 1s; down the hall, it's the 2s - 




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> Hi Everyone - Many of our easier dances include down-the-halls, but there
> are so many ways to come back up! There's turn alone, and turn as a couple
> of course, but there's also sliding doors, right-hand-high-left-hand-low,
> loop-de-loop, cloverleaf. What are your favorite dances that include an
> unusual down-the-hall? I've thought of putting together a program that
> highlights all the different ways to go down the hall. I think there is a
> wide enough variety in these dances that it could be doable without boring
> the dancers.
> JoLaine
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