[Callers] dances with down-the-halls

Bill Baritompa staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Thu Aug 29 16:01:48 PDT 2013

Hi JoLaine,

These two use a swing and face up to start back.

Two Way Street		Lisa Greenleaf, Bob Isaacs		Becket
A1	Ladies Right Allemand 1 1/2, Neighbor Swing			
A2	Down the hall four in line, (outsides walk and) insides turn (back to right),
          Next Neighbor Swing			
B1	Up the hall four in line, Circle left 3/4, Pass thru			
B2	Shadow Left Gypsy (or allemand), Partner Swing			

The above inspired this easier dancer for our group here in CHCH

Walking Down the Street		Bill Baritompa		Improper
June 2012				
A1	(#1 in middle)Down the hall four in line (8); Neighbor Swing (face up)			
A2	Up the hall  (8); Ladies Chain			
B1	Ladies Gypsy 1; Partner Swing (on gent's side)			
B2	Circle Left 3/4; Balance (the ring), #1 dive under #2 (and get between 
the next)			

note: In A2 rather than bending the line before the LC, it can be started nicely 
          the lines facing up, the women just move towards each other for the R 
arm turn.

Might bring back a few memories for you :-)

Cheers, Bill

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