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Hi all,

It was a real treat to utilize the lesson plan Stan Fowler and Laura Brown
developed for Glen Echo's Friday night dance. As a caller who's often more
comfortable with experienced crowds than one night stands, it was magic to
watch the simple concept behind this come to life and open a new way of
looking at teaching. In response to interest some caller friends showed on
a facebook post about the lesson plan, it is with permission of Laura and
Stan and thanks to Kevin Mabon that i share what they developed. It has
been published before, but i thought in response to friends' requests for
the document that sharing it in this forum would make it available and
archived for a new generation and wider audience of callers.

Stan (aka "Dance Ranger") writes: "As I recall we wrote this paper to solve
a particular issues we were having at the time. If I recall at the time,
the caller was sometimes to teach the work shop, and their methods were all
over the board. Our dance was often the largest dance the caller had
worked. We wished to provide the caller a guideline for our dances. They
did not have to use the paper, but we wished the newcomers to come out of
the workshop with confidence to join the dance and have a good time and
want to return."

Whether or not you use it in a big crowd, the basic idea - keep them moving
to music *the whole time -* is, as Stan added, the key element. Applying
the "Create Chaos" technique was mad fun. Steps 2 and 3 may require for
some an ad lib about the flexibility of gender and role in your philosophy
dance community. But the document speaks for itself.

With gratitude for all our community shares,
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