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Yes, the Rosin Doctors (a band I'm in) worked up a few numbers for 
Halloween, though most were regular tunes we could make spooky, or 
characterish -- you know, work in things like Obladee Obladah, or The 
Liberty Bell, or Gone Fishin'...  I've know band who have for years 
adapted The Adam's Family.  In another band, we did the Munsters, and 
Spider Man.  There a lot of great TV tunes out there.

Don't forget Jay Ungar's Hoo Doo Hoedown.

And I wrote a dance, Ghost of a Chance, for Halloween, with a story line 
of leaving your partner and only getting a "ghost of a chance" to dance 

*Ghost of a Chance*


A1 On Left Diagonal: Women Chain; Straight across: Half Hey, Women 
start, Right shoulder

A2 Neighbor Balance & Swing, end facing in

B1 Circle Left ¾; with Neighbor, California Twirl (to face Partner), 
Walk past Parnter, with Shadow, Allemande Left

B2 PartnerSwing

The timing from B1 to B2 is a little busy, but the partner swing is 
forgiving.  If dancers are really adept, B2 could be a Partner Gypsy and 

If you want to make sure the timing is spot on(and you get even more of 
a ghost of a chance to dance with your partner) you could use the 
original version:

B1 Circle Lft ¾; Balance the Ring, California Twirl, walk past Pt -- R Sh

B2 Walk past Partner, Allemande Left Shadow, return to Partner and Swing

~erik hoffman
     oakland, ca

On 8/9/2013 2:04 PM, Chip Hedler wrote:
> Whichever of the great dance suggestions you call, here's a Larry Edelman
> tune the band might want to consider:
> http://neoincunabula.org/music/spooky_monsters_sheet_music.png
> Chip Hedler
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>> I'm looking for some Halloween-theme dances. Something with
>> Monster/Ghost/Bat, etc in the title.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Cheers,
>> Betsey
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