[Callers] Suggestions for particularly flirty contra dances?

Rich Goss richgoss at comcast.net
Wed Apr 3 07:07:09 PDT 2013

Okay, seems like a good time to share a new dance.  I've been calling this one for about a year now.  The A1 circle left is without hands.  The transition from the LHS to the single file prom 3/4 is fun to dance.    This seems to work best with "slinky" tunes.

Baby Evelyn’s Reel – Rich Goss.    Improper

A1:  *Single file, circle left 3/4, Partner Gypsy (id shadow)

A2:  Shadow Gypsy (Lt sh) 1x Partner Swing

B1:  Gents Alle Left 1 1/2, Neighbor Swing

B2:  LLFB, Left Hand Star

*If the gents turn around and make eye contact with their partner this can be a “Gypsy Circle” 

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