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Lots of circle lefts, forward & backs and  promenades as you would in a circle dance
Single active couple; out to the right and circle 4 - leave that couple (important that you say this)
on to the next and circle 4, etc  All home with forward and back and/or promenades.  Use fiddle tunes or simple songs: Red River Valley, You Are My Sunshine
All forward and back, ladies (gents) center back to back, gents go right single file. goin' wrong, other way back.  Swing corner, whatever;  Use fiddle tunes, maybe Comin' Round the Mtn.

Last night at a wedding reception: 1st couple back to back separate around the outside of the set  (could swing each other as they pass half-way round)  All the way around swing into the center while we circle 6 hands around  All home swing and promenade.  Fiddle tune or Wabash Cannonball, something like that.

Also did Little Sisters Make a Ring - added the men using arm turn/stars rather than a circle (rings)
in the center

Buffalo Gals / Marching Through Georgia / Cage the Bird, 7 Hands round / Grapevine Twist
A simple Forward 6 - all F& B, head or side gents bring back the ladies held in each hand - do something simple here, not right hand high left hand under.

Using heads or sides, make up your own quadrille but rather than using chains, do something like heads forward, gents bring back opposite lady, or gents cross to swing. 

Cutaway dances 6-4-2 - Dancers with one couple is working and no partner changes are good.

Grand right and left without allemandes.

Lots of circle lefts, forward and backs and promenades; show 2 hand swings (a swing is just a 2 person circle left for all ages)  if the dancers are getting disorientated and jumpy with elbow swings.

The bonding can be deeper between couples in a square set - you can't drop out - you are recognized individually and as being responsible to the rest - so you pull for each other.  I'm glad to see squares getting more attention in Country Dance.

Bob Livingston
Middletown, CT

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Which squares did you do?  I find that some of my squares fall apart as easily as duple minors with new dancers, but it may just be my calling :-)  My stand-bys for less experienced dancers are: Simple Square, Cumberland Square 8 and Redwing.  Can you recommend others?!

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> I have not seen a post on this list since May. I'm wondering if I have been dropped or are you all just being very quiet? Or is something else going on?
> To keep this on topic just in case it gets posted: I had a wonderful one nighter last night. Three squares in a large garage. All circles and squares and the Virginia Reel. I would never try to do a duple minor at an event like that. The group was very, very happy. Squares rule!
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