[Callers] Circle Mixers for newbies

Ron T Blechner contraron at gmail.com
Thu Oct 25 08:31:23 PDT 2012

Hi callers,

I've been finding circle mixers extremely valuable for dances with newer
dancers. They provide a way both to expose them to many different
experienced dancers as well as to make them comfortable with the idea of
dancing with different people all night. (We've all seen The Couple That
Shows Up And Dances Just With Each Other that doesn't come back because
they don't really meet anyone ...)

I was looking for some alternatives to La Bastringue that I can do early in
the evening, like 2nd or 3rd dance. Other mixers I've seen include doing
things like Do-Si-Do or Allemande one person and coming back to another;
I've found for new dancers that can often be confusing. ("Find another
partner-less person in the middle of the circle" is only amusing so many

Also, I called this at MIT on Tuesday evening and it worked pretty well
with a high percentage of new dancers.
It's a variation on La Bastringue which I'm tentatively calling "La String
Bean". If you've seen this or something really similar before, let me know
so I can start calling it by its proper name.

A1: Ladies to the center and back (4,4)
      Gents to the center, turnaround and back (4,4)
A2: Current P Alle L 1.5x (8)
      New P DSD (8, forgiving)
B1: Same New P B+S (4,12)
B2: Promenade the ring CCW, Gents turn in Ladies so all face in (14,2)

Optional: Make the promenade 8 beats and end the B2 with a courtesy turn
once and a little more.

One major point of this dance is to stealthily teach the Courtesy Turn from
the Promenade, something I stole from a new-dancer-lesson from, if I recall
correctly, Peter Stix.
Critique / suggestions welcome. (Thanks to Mr. Bob Isaacs for initial
suggestions earlier this week.)

In dance,
Ron Blechner

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