[Callers] Storage solutions for dance cards

James Saxe jim.saxe at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 23:18:31 PDT 2012

Here's a case designed to hold up to about twelve hundred 4" x 6"
photos or index cards:


For the benefit of anyone reading this message in the archive
after the link goes stale, here's the description:

     12-Case Photo Storage Carrier

     Organize your 4" x 6" photos or recipe cards with our 12-Case
     Photo Storage Carrier. It includes twelve inner cases that are
     easily transportable, fitting easily inside a purse or briefcase.
     Each acid-free inner case can accommodate approximately 100
     photos and has a hinged lid that can be labeled by category or
     event for easy identification.

     * Made of clear polypropylene plastic
     * Outer case is stackable
     * Additional individual inner cases are available (sold
       separately, listed below)

There's a photo of the case and thumbnails of some alternative
views.  The alternative views also show a smaller version that
holds just six inner cases and has no handle.

Alas, my modest attempts at searching just now haven't turned up
something similar designed for 3" x 5" cards or photos.


On Oct 10, 2012, at 4:56 PM, tavi merrill wrote:

> Hi neighbors, partners, and peers,
> On a quest to deepen my bench of dances, my collection has much  
> outgrown
> the handy little recipe box i store them in. Shopping around i find  
> that
> the majority of boxes for 3x5 cards only hold 250-350. I'm wondering  
> what
> sorts of nifty 3x5 storage solutions - durable, portable, and at  
> least a
> little bit classy - other callers have come up with... and where you  
> might
> have found 'em.
> thanks for sharing the weight!
> tavi merrill
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