[Callers] Named Moves

Jeff Kaufman jeff at alum.swarthmore.edu
Mon Nov 26 04:49:48 PST 2012

Read Weaver wrote:
> The message I get is "only I can be helpful to newcomers; you
> experienced dancers, don't even try."

Unless you have a very experienced group, saying "mad robin" isn't
enough that the people who don't know what it is will be able to get
it from those that do.  So you need to do a little bit of teaching.  I
like something like:

  Dosido your neighbor. (pause) Dosido your neighbor while looking
  at your partner. (pause) This is a mad robin.

or, in a crowd that's more experienced:

  Don't do it yet, but the next move is a mad robin.  Dosido your
  neighbor while looking at your partner.

During the dance I would prompt it as "mad robin".

(I don't regularly call any dances with the figure in it, though,
partly because I want to stick to core figures unless I'm calling to a
crowd that's quite experienced and is going to get a kick out of doing
less common ones.)


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