[Callers] Walk the Plank

Jack Mitchell jamitch3 at mindspring.com
Wed Nov 14 12:28:04 PST 2012

Rather than saying "Don't clap" I have found that it can work well to 
put the emphasis on what they can do to make the dance work 
well...Balance the ring and twirl straight into your partner's arms for 
a swing.  Or in this case, balance and twirl to the right, letting the 
twirl send your left hand into the center for a star....or something 
like that.

On 11/14/2012 3:18 PM, Kalia Kliban wrote:
> I called this the other night and noticed that as the clap crept in 
> during the course of the dance the star got later and later, and more 
> ragged.  In some dances the clap is fine.  In this dance it definitely 
> gets in the way.  That clap can be hard to quash, though.  Next time I 
> call this, I'll make the point during the teaching and see if it 
> sticks.  Clapping isn't an absolute given here (SF Bay Area) but it 
> tends to spread if anyone does it even once.
> Kalia
> On 11/14/2012 11:19 AM, Bob Isaacs wrote:
>> Local tastes may vary, but if you're calling at a series where 
>> Petronella clapping is automatic, you can mention not clapping on the 
>> Petro/star transition (first seen in Becky Hill's Kitchen Stomp, I 
>> believe), but I wouldn't push that too hard.  If one of the four 
>> claps, the other three have to wait for the clapper.  It's different 
>> on Petro/allemande or Petro/swing transitions, where only two dancers 
>> need to agree on valuing flow over flourishes -
>> Bob
>>> From: contraron at gmail.com
>>> I have a Petro-spin-to-star in a dance of mine, a move I stole from 
>>> another
>>> dance (Middle School Drama, or something like that?). People are 
>>> going to
>>> clap, so I recommend mentioning in the walkthrough that the dance is
>>> smoother if the hands go right in sans-clap.
>>> -Ron
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