[Callers] Dance floors

Liz and Bill staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Tue May 22 19:08:14 PDT 2012

Hi Jim,

     We put in such a floor in our house. A retrofit is tricky as we couldn't add
much height to the floor because of the existing doors and window. In the end
we designed a sprung wooden floor that is added just over 1 inch.

The basic design was heavy neoprene pads 2"x 2"1/4" about 1 foot centers
glued to the concrete. On top sheets of 4 x 8  marine ply (3/8'') supported by
them running diagonally. Tongue and groove hard wood glued to this on top.
So the whole floor floats and is not connected to the walls, edging covers the
  small gap. We used natural oil and  wax finish. It's nice to dance on, and is
easy on the feet.

Have a look at the pictures here. I'm happy to give you more details.

Dancing at our house:

You could also take a trip here to try it out first :-) . Maybe the down under 
of Square English Contra?

Cheers, Bill

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