[Callers] New Dance: The Raeden Reel

Don Veino sharedweight_net at veino.com
Tue May 1 14:16:28 PDT 2012

Hi Folks, passing along a new dance I'm partial to (not the least reason
being that it's named after our baby daughter). The dance is by Bob Isaacs
and the composition was won as an auction item at a recent Concord Scout
House fundraiser by a friend of ours, whom named it after our young maiden.
It was first called at the Thursday 4/19/12 dance before NEFFA, to our
total surprise (and with Raeden dancing with us!).

There's a video of it being called by me this past Saturday (not my best go
of the evening :) to music by the new band Firefly at
http://youtu.be/tDtih1tgdVs .


The Raeden Reel – DI – Bob Isaacs


(4,4) Bal., box the gnat

(8) Mad Robin


(6) Cir. Lt. 3/4

(10) p swing


(8) G allem. Lt. 1+1/2

(8) n swing


(8) Rt. & Lt. Thru

(8) star Lt.

*Bob says: “In the Mad Robin, gents pass in front to start. All push off
from the box the gnat and can confidently look at their partner because
they know where their neighbor is.”*

*Sponsored by Robin Humes for Don and Sage Veino's daughter Raeden. Robin
won it at the Concord Scout House auction 11/12/11. Composed 4/12/12,
called first at the Scout House on 4/19/12.*

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