[Callers] What makes a program varied, how important is that

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Mon Mar 26 03:13:45 PDT 2012

I'll make an analogy between an evening of 12 dances and an essay of
12 paragraphs.

If a common word appears in every paragraph, I wouldn't notice.  If
it's a less common word,  or every paragraph begins with the same
word, or the same sentence appears in several paragraph, then I would.

To me as a dancer, ladies chain or B&S I wouldn't notice as
repetitious.  Something like rory o'more or mad robin I would.

On Sun, Mar 25, 2012 at 11:58 PM, Rickey Holt <holt.e at comcast.net> wrote:
> Hi Callers,
> I have asked this question before and still I do not understand this.  I
> suspect that it will take thinking about it several more times before I do.
> Here is my question.  What makes  a program varied and how important is
> that.  Let me say that I am thinking of this in situations where most of the
> dancers are experienced.  I have had programs like this before and someday
> mean to pay attention to this at dance evenings I have enjoyed.  I have a
> program in mind which I list below, that I know has 7 dances with a ladies
> chains in it, six of them in a row.  I know this because I am the proud and
> happy owner of Will Loving's program "The Caller's Companion".  Yet the
> evening's program seems very varied to me. If the "hooks" or the mood of the
> dances, for instance, are sufficiently different is that what matters.  In
> terms of variety versus too much repetition, how does this look to you.  It
> does not strike me as a boring program at all.  The proposed program is:
> Scout House Reel, Rod's Grits, MAD About Dancing, Ease About Mixer, A
> Question of Balance, Zombies of Sugar Hill, [BREAK], Roll Eleven, Laura's
> Zig Zag, Snowshoe, Shipping and Receiving, Fan in the Doorway, and
> Sleepwalking
> I am interested in your thoughts,
> Rickey Holt,
> Fremont, NH
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