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One comment was that some mixers don't allow you to meet enough new
This is a traditional English dance (I am told) that has been claimed by
various other countries.  It is easy, fun and only 16 bars, so you dance
with twice as many people:
La Chappeloise
And this one has you dancing with FIVE people for each 32 bars: 
Moving Along by Ray Dawson
I wrote this one where you get to dance with the 2nd and 4th people as
you move around the circle.  It is for more experienced dancers.
Two & Four (by John Sweeney)
Circle Mixer
A1: Circle Left
      Into the middle and back with a Neighbour Roll Away with a Half
Sashay (Man rolls Lady from Left to Right)
A2: Into the middle and back with a Neighbour Roll Away with a Half
Sashay (Man rolls next Lady from Left to Right) - face this one:
      New Partner Allemande Right 1 & 1/2 to Alamo Wave (Men facing out)
B1: Balance the Wave (R/L); Rory O'More
      Balance the Wave (L/R); Rory O'More
B1: Swing Through (1/2 Allemande R; 1/2 Allemande L)
      Swing the Next
Or if you want something different, get the band to play something with
a Latin feel and try this:
Pa' Bailar III (by John Sweeney)
Circle Mixer
Start in Wide Hold - face to face, both arms stretched out horizontally
facing around the circle - men on the inside
A1: Tango counter clockwise and back - wide hold: Feet go: Side,
Through, Side, Behind, Side, Through, Side, Tap - repeat to return
A2: Partner Two-Hand Turn; Partner Dosido
B1: Partner Allemande Right 1 & 1/4 to an Alamo Wave - Men facing out,
Ladies facing in
      Balance the Wave L/R/L/R (Left is your New Partner)
B2: New Partner: Slide past into a Gyspy Meltown - finish facing around
in Wide Hold
You may know the move in A1 as a Grapevine or a Columbian or a Zigzag.
I encourage improvisation, for example shimmy down and up instead of
This one mentioned earlier I have as Cincinnati Reel:
A1: partner (right shoulder) dosido, allemande left the one on the left
A2: partner (left shoulder) seesaw, allemande right the one on the right
B1: partner balance & swing
B2: partner promenade (8 counts); [ladies turn back &] gents move up to
next partner
See http://homepage.ntlworld.com/greenery/BarnDances/BigCircles.html
            Happy dancing,
John Sweeney, Dancer, England   john at modernjive.com 01233 625 362 &
07802 940 574
http://www.contrafusion.co.uk for Dancing in Kent

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