[Callers] Triplets

Bill Baritompa staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Fri Jun 1 00:00:18 PDT 2012

Hi Paul,

Here is a triplet I wrote as a gift for Linda Leslie
Cut to the Chase        May 2012
Triplet (Couple #1 Improper)

A1    #2 (gent lead) Chase to left below (i.e. anticlockwise around #3) and lady 
cut thru; #2 (lady lead) Chase to right above (i.e. clockwise around #1) and 
gent Cut Thru
A2    #2 Allemand Left 1 below (same sex #3), Neighbor (opposite sex #1) Swing 

B1    Lines of three forward and back; (all 6) Circle Left 1/2 (nice if keep 
oval shape)
B2    Partner Dosido; (#2 now at bottom) Swing (finish facing up) while others 
Right Hand Star 1 (gent in middle get ready to lead out to left)

Calls directed to #2 for A1 and A2. Important in A1 for #1 and #3 to stay close 
to allow chase in time. Ends 3-1-2

Here's a video with some interesting partner swapping in the middle.

Cheers, Bill

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