[Callers] Gender Neutral Dance Request

Jonathan Sivier jsivier at illinois.edu
Mon Jul 23 15:10:00 PDT 2012

On 7/23/2012 1:58 PM, JsphDeP at aol.com wrote:
> Just checking  to see if someone would have a few gender
> neutral dances to  share with me.  I will be calling to a large group of
> non-dancers that  will mostly be same-sex couples.  I was thinking of calling a
> few  circle mixers, Sicilian circles, Virginia reel type dances and perhaps
> a  few contras.

    Many of the dances I do for non-dancer groups of any sort have 
little or no distinction between the two members of a couple.  Most of 
these are proper and whole-set.  You interact with your partner and 
possibly your neighbor, but there's no need to specify gender roles. 
Dances like Cumberland Reel and Galopede are always good for this sort 
of event.  If the people are doing well you might try an easy contra 
such as Jefferson's Reel.  The Community Dances Manual is a good source. 
  Here are a few dances you might like to use.  They all work with 32 
bar tunes.

Jonathan Sivier
Caller of Contra, English and Early American Dances
jsivier AT illinois DOT edu
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Q: How many angels can dance on the head of a pin?
A: It depends on what dance you call!


Cumberland Reel
longways for 4 to 6 couples
Tune: eponymous tune or AST (any square tune)

A1  top 2 couples right hands across star and then left hands across
     star back to place
A2  top couple chasse down the center and back
B1  top couple casts off down their own proper sides leading their
     line to the bottom and back to place
B2  all couples, except top couple, make arches, top couple goes to the
     bottom of the set under the arches

Cumberland Square Eight
a quadrille, 4 couples in a square
Tune: My Love She's But A Lassie Yet or AST

A1  Head couples chasse across the set and back, going CCW around
     the other couple
A2  Sides the same
B1  Heads right hands across, left hands back
B2  Sides the same
A1  Heads basket swing in the center
A2  Sides the same
B1  All circle left
B2  Promenade back to place

proper longways for 8-12 couples
Tune: eponymous tune or AST

A1 - all forward and back,
      pass through across, taking partners place
A2 - all forward and back,
      pass through across, returning to original place
B  - do-si-do partner,
      two-hand turn with partner
C  - top couple sashay down the center to the bottom
      of the set, other couples move up one place

Jefferson's Reel
Dudley Briggs; adapted from Jefferson and Liberty
duple proper
Tune: Jefferson and Liberty or AST

1 - circle left
2 - circle right
3 - star right
4 - star left
5 - actives down the outside
6 - return to place
7 - down the hall 4 in line, actives in the center
8 - actives arch joined hands and back up,
     inactives duck through the arch

Sanita Hill Circle
Ed Durlacher
Sicilian circle

1 - circle left
2 - circle right
3 - do-si-do neighbor
4 - do-si-do partner
5 - star right
6 - star left
7 - forward and back
8 - pass through to next couple

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