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if you have a number of kids  under the age of ten (especially boys)  --   I use this one anytime I have youngsters 
Can't Jump  Josie -    it is a big circle dance No Partners   --    I never have the band play anything  -- 
 I tell the dancers  -  you better learn this song  quickly - or you will have to listen to me sing!   they always pick it up quickly  ---     
you identify   1 young person to stand in the  center of the circle  --  everyone else  walks **single file  CW   singing  (or  they join hands and circle left )
We're floating down the river 
We're floating down below 
We're floating down the river
Down the old Saint Jo      ( have also heard it done saying   O H I O) 
then all in outer circle  face in  - and point to the person in the middle  [who NOW begins jumping up and down ] and they sing  
:1 in the middle and he can't jump Josie 
1 in the middle and he can't jump Josie 
1 in the middle and he can''t jump Josie   
 Oh Susie Brown  :   Repeat
while all are singing OH SUZIE BROWN   the 2nd time  - the person  in middle  grabs someone from the outer circle and now there are two in the middle 
those in outer circle face CW walking &  singing   or Circle Left
We're floating down the river 
We're floating down below
We're floating down the river 
Down the  old Saint Joe  
ALL face to center and point at the 2 in the middle  who commence jumping  while others point and sing 
:  2 in the middle and they can't jump Josie
  2 in the middle and they can't jump Josie 
  2 in the middle and they can't jump Josie 
  OH SUZIE BROWN :  Repeat
last time  I just say  ALL in the middle ......    
** I usually tell the folks in the outer circle  -  they need to face left and step  onto  their raft - so they can float down the river  - so we have our arms outstretched  and we kind of rock from side to side as we move over the water 
the dance and tune are in the    PEEL the BANANA  dance book  
also in the book  DOWN IN THE VALLEY  
also in the book  STEP LIVELY   (Red Cover)   
Mavis L McGaugh
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I'm calling my first family dance tonight and I haven't been able to coordinate with the band on music for specific dances. 

What are your favorite family dances that do not have a specific tune to go with them? I'll be looking through my books, but could use some suggestions. 



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