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 I love La Bastrigne - because the band can play any 32 bar tune.    
the dance is easy to teach and folks quickly get the pattern down ---   

couples in a big circle facing in  - Mixer  

A1)   forward & back
        forward & back 

A2)   circle left  and  back to the right 

B1)  ALL turn to corner and  SWING   

B2   w corner (new partner)  Promenade     

FAMILY Contra  by Sherry Nevins  ---  Sicilian Circle         No swings   ---  and fun  and folks get into the pattern quickly 

A1)  Balance Ring 2x 
         circle  Left

A2)  Balance Ring 2x 
         Circle Right 

B1)  Neighbor d-s-d
         Partner  d-s-d 

B2  as couples  
       D-s-d  1 1/2  

any version of a virginia reel dance -  is always popular  -  especially if the top couple  get to do the   Reel the Set figure [also known as Strip the willow] 

Le Brandy      proper longways      10-12 couples

A1)    lines forward & back
            w/ Partner seesaw

A2)   lines forward & back 
              w/ Partner d-s-d  1 and 1/2 to end back to back  

B1)    ALL count in french  - [1,2,3]      then once dance is going I will yell in  German or Japanese or Spanish  or  Russian  -  and see how many are able to count 
      and then shout Poussez  -  PUSH ---   they bump 'behinds' with each other turn around and SWING  

B2)  ONLY  Top couple sashays down to the bottom   while everyone else claps   and all then move 2 steps  up the hall     --  

Mavis L McGaugh
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I'm calling my first family dance tonight and I haven't been able to coordinate with the band on music for specific dances. 

What are your favorite family dances that do not have a specific tune to go with them? I'll be looking through my books, but could use some suggestions. 



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