[Callers] Changing on the last round for a partner swing

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Come to think of it, there's one very good time a night to change the ending (a tip learned long ago from David Kirchner); the first dance of the evening.  This acts like an auxiliary sound check - if many dancers don't swing or look confused, especially in the far corners of the hall, you're not being heard well over the band. - Bob

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> Subject: [Callers] Changing on the last round for a partner swing
> Callers --
> Looking for opinions.
> As a caller, I will usually alter (if necessary), the last dance of a medley,
> the last dance of the first half, or the last dance of evening to end with a
> partner swing if it doesn't work that way in the choreography. (You know, that
> "This time, circle half and swing your partner" or "This time, just keep on
> swinging!" thing.)
> I'll usually leave the other dances alone. They end how they end; the band
> gets to crescendo and I don't have to be heard, and the dancers get something
> other than utter predictability.
> (As a dancer I don't like utter predictability; I begin to get a teeny bit
> bored if the callers changes every dance to end with a partner swing.)
> But I mentioned this to my date, and she *loves* it when the caller changes the
> dance to make it a partner swing so that it feels like you're finishing with
> the partner who asked you, and feels disappointed if the caller doesn't make
> those changes. I mentioned the issue of stepping on the band's hot ending; as
> a dancer, that meant nothing to her.
> So what do y'all think? What do you do? How you do think people like it?
> (Nobody's ever complained to me that I didn't alter endings enough, and I
> doubt that's the kind of thing anybody complains to anybody about, but it
> probably has some impact on dancers enjoyment of the evening.)
> Thanks!
> -- Alan
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