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I asked Rick Mohr (who is not on this list) and this is his reply.
I'm not too particular about "formation" because it seems funny to  
categorize an entire dance by where you happen to be at one certain point. These  
days most dancers automatically line up improper, so when possible I save  
words/time by starting there and making slight adjustments to the walkthrough. 
 For example, in "Becket" dances that start with circle left 3/4 and swing  
neighbor I usually start improper and circle left all the way.


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So i  feel a bit silly walking into this discussion with such a  simplistic
answer, but - to me it only merits referring to a dance by an  alternate
formation if there's absolutely no way to set the dance up as a  standard
formation (eg, a becket-indecent). Unlike a dance which starts  with a wave
balance, "Chuck the Budgie" simply starts with a gents  allemande L. I've
had no trouble calling it from a standard improper  starting point; it just
makes the first allemande a little less than  once.

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>   Hi,
>        This may seem like a silly  question. It concerns Rick Mohr's
> improper dance
> "Chuck the  Budgie" (on his webpage and shown on a youtube video there).
> I  thought an improper dance has the #1's facing down the hall, facing  
> #2's who are facing up the hall. All gents have their partners  on their
> right side.
> Although the dance description  says it's improper, it actually starts in 
> short
> wave which  you get into by Nbr Right Allemand 3/4 to have gents in the
>  center
> with left hands joined. (the last 4 beats of B2, (next nbr)  Right 
> 3/4
>  forms the next short  wave).
> So this dances has a formation (consisting of short  waves) with the #1's
> facing up
> the hall facing their #2's who  are facing down the hall. Gents have their
> partners
> on their  left. Does this have a name? Are there any other dances in this
>  formation?
> Questioningly yours,
> Bill
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