[Callers] Person of the Pond (was Re: What formation is this improper dance?)

James Saxe jim.saxe at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 18:57:34 PST 2012

On Feb 28, 2012, at 5:51 PM, Bill Baritompa wrote:

>       Could I please have a copy of "People of the Pond"? Googling  
> failed to find it.

The title is actually "Person of the Pond."

Duple contra  [Notice that it doesn't say "proper" or "improper".]

   1&2.  Balance and swing neighbor.
   3&4.  Actives balance and swing.
     5.  Actives go down the hall and turn alone.
     6.  Actives come up the hall and cast off, assisted by inactives.
     7.  Those now in second corner positions (i.e., the right hand
         person in each casting pair from phrase 4) chain (by right
         hands, of course) to partners and roll/swap to the left.
     8.  Those *now* in second corner positions (i.e., the other
         two) chain (by right hands, of course).


This is my gender-bender variant of "Lady of the Lake," composed
in the latter part of 1993 and inspired by Eric Conrad's "Lord of
the Lake" (see


).  The inactives exchange sides with their partners each time
through the dance.  Actives may or may not exchanges sides, depending
in how they end the swings in ph 3-4, and also on whether they
choose to dance the alternative

     5. Actives go down the hall and turn as couples.

The transition from phrase 7 to phrase 8 is a fine example of
a zesty transition (if zestily danced, of course).  Since dancers
get to experience (at least on the way up the set) both being led
into the second chain and leading their partners into it, one
might hope that they will start trying to give at least as good a
ride as they're getting.


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