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Liz and Bill staf186 at ext.canterbury.ac.nz
Mon Feb 27 14:41:47 PST 2012

Hi Greg and Rickey,

             I've attached a photo of a few dance cards to show the matrix
formed. My cards
are 4x6 so have a bit more room than 3x5. I have a master card that goes behind to
give the column headings.  My scheme is a variation of the headings shown in
Linda's example, and rather than tick the appropriate box, I have use a
'shading' code and put some text there too.

The attached example:
The first dance (row) 1B means the dances starts with N Bal and Sw, the blue means
Gents LA. GT and CP in the move 1 and move 2 means this dances has some special
     moves, namely Give and Take, and Clapping.

Dance 2 starts with Circle Left and has Pull By as special move
Dance 3 (Another Nice Combination) 1G starts Nbr Gypsy and Sw, it has Part Sw,
P in the Circle Left column mean has transition Circle to pass thru.

I have an excel spread sheet which parses the dances and (attempts) to generate
the top lines.

Cheers, Bill

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