[Callers] Star Promenade - communicate the feeling of a good one?

David Millstone David.Millstone at VALLEY.NET
Wed Feb 8 15:25:30 PST 2012

Bob wrote: "It is difficult to teach subtlety, especially from 'the pulpit."

One of thethings that made Ted Sannella such a masterful dance leader-- not simply  
a caller-- was his understanding of this. It was not unusual to see him go out  
onto the floor during an evening to demonstrate the timing of a right and left  
through, the styling of moving from a swing into a ladies chain, the pattern of  
a vigorous "lady round two and the gent cut through," and much more. By giving  
dancers a visual picture, not simply a mental image, of how the dancing could  
look, he made it easier for others to move in that style. Yes, he taught dances  
but more importantly he was teaching how to dance and how to interact with the  
others on the floor.

Such demos need not be long or tiresome; Ted's demonstrations were brief, delivered  
with a fine combination of serious intent and a light touch, and they were effective.

David Millstone

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