[Callers] Genderless beginner dances

Jacob & Nancy Bloom bloom at gis.net
Sun Dec 16 12:06:53 PST 2012

Luke, I looked at the dances on your blog.  I was surprised by Rory 
and Juliet, with its turns once and a quarter and three quarters 
around, since the last thing I would want to burden beginners with is 

Here's a dance you can use.  I call it my House Dance Special, since 
I've often called it at dances held in houses, where there wasn't 
room to do a Sicilian Circle.

House Dance Special
Jacob Bloom
Duple Improper Contra

Circle Left
Circle Right
Star Right
Star Left
Dosido partner
Swing partner (or two hand turn)
Dosido neighbor
Pass through, Dosido the next (or bow to the next)


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>Thanks John for the dances (and thanks to Greg & Ron for the groaners).
>Some of them I had as great candidates for One Night Stand dances.
>Something with a 1st corners/2nd corners wasn't what I had in mind here (as
>if you accidentally swapped role post swing, you'd suddenly have to
>remember you were a different number), but they're good dances.
>I've put up a few that I wrote to fit what I was looking for at my caller
>I'm not saying they're great (and they may not even be original), but
>they're in the spirit of what I was looking for (although even there the
>different roles will have different feels).
>Thanks again, and I look forward to hearing what others have to say.

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