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Jonathan Sivier jsivier at illinois.edu
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On 8/30/2012 11:00 PM, Laur wrote:
> Thanks all - I am stretching out here - I do not like to call things I have not danced, so I am doing a test of faith !  I'll look at all the suggestions, and hope more are coming.

    A few of my favorite mixers are

285-4673 by Mike Richardson
Ease About Mixer by Gene Hubert
Friday Night Special by Sam Flinders (Sicilian circle mixer)
Ice Cream In The Sink by Kathy Hirsch
Love and Kisses by Ted Sanella

    You also can't go wrong with Circassian Circle or La Bastringue.

    Here is a very nice mixer written by on the other callers here in 

Rhubarb Go Round
Tom Anderson
circle mixer

1 - Promenade CCW with partner
2 - Ladies to the center and back
3 - Gents to the center, turn over right shoulder and return to partner
4 - Do-si-do partner 1 1/4 to form a wavy circle with gents facing out
     and ladies facing in
5 - Balance right and left and slide right, past partner,
     as in Rory O'More, reform the wavy circle
6 - Balance left and right and slide left, past partner again
7-8 Balance and swing the next person, your new partner

    This is a great mixer and I use it quite often.

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