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JD Erskine sailargh at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Aug 30 14:53:44 PDT 2012

On 30/08/2012 12:17, Laur wrote:
> I'm looking for interesting/ fun mixers to use at a regular dance series. I haven't had the opportunity to collect any mixers while dancing around this year (they are sometimes few and far between) and so - here I am!
> Thanks in advance.
> Laurie P
> West MI

I agree, Borrowdale Exchange is a hoot, no matter the group. Great fun 
watching circles form of two or four couples. Once had a five couple one 
(ONS), actually said on mic, "This'll be a fun hands across/star!"

A two couple mixer I like, again for many settings, is Set A Crochet 
(The Hook Dance). Picked it up from the Ralph Page dance legacy weekend 
(15th & 18th) syllabi. I use it for any kind of dance setting. "Regular" 
dancers are much quicker to teach it, due to the Ladies Chain, however 
that could be substituted.

Tennessee Mixer is fun, as is the Atlantic Mixer (20th RPDLW)

If you like Tom Green's place try John Brown. Yeah, quite funny. I had, 
"one of those colour names" from June (we were at a Morris Ale). Also 
Peter Foster's Bush Dance pages are highly useful and have some 
choreographer attributions missing on others.


I don't seem to have Tennessee Mixer on my netbook or jump drive. From 
memory it's:

Concentric circles
Men inside facing out, ladies outside facing in

A1	Left diagonal, Allemande left
	Partner see-saw
A2	Right diagonal, Allemande right
	Partner do si do
B1	Partner (balance &) swing (?)
B2	Promenade in LOD
	Either ladies turn over right shoulder to promenade briefly with the 
one behind, OR men move up, can't recall

via Susan Michaels, possibly via Fred Park.

Cheers, John
J.D. Erskine
Victoria, BC

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