[Callers] Triplets

Paul Wilde zenyente at gmail.com
Tue Aug 21 06:57:41 PDT 2012

Hey all,

Great thread.  Thanks for starting it and for all the excellent responses.

I would add to Chris Page's excellent list of triplets:

David's Triplet #5 by David Smuckler (a huge favorite of mine)
David's Triplet #3  (a bit less intuitive, imho)
Ted's Triplet #3
Ted's Triplet #6
Corner Triplet by Linda Leslie (?)

If you are so inclined and live anywhere near southern NH (or not, if you
can travel), I HIGHLY recommend the Ralph Page Dance Legacy Weekend (aka
RPDLW) in Durham NH (UNH) the weekend of Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday in
January.  Lots of wonderful dancers, a caller's, organizer's, musician's
paradise, w/ an opportunity to do plenty of cool and seldom called dances,
chestnuts, and formations (incl. triplets), and plenty of socializing and
brainstorming built into the weekend.


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