[Callers] contra dance webmasters unite!

Martha Edwards meedwards at westendweb.com
Fri Sep 16 13:08:13 PDT 2011

Chip - I've been using *Joomla *for our site here in St Louis (
http://childgrove.org) for about a year. For myself, it's the perfect blend
of front-end ease-of-use for content updaters and  back-end flexibility for
the designer-techie who wants to make the site jump through a few hoops. I
love it. I can do things I always needed to hire a programmer to do before -
like make online registration forms that send you an email with the
registration info AND send the registrant on to PayPal (thank you,

However, since it looks as if, in the big Content Management Systems
shakeout, there are three popular survivors, *WordPress, Joomla,* and *
Drupal*, I've done some investigation into the other two as well.

If the folks making the web site don't have a bunch of tech experience as a
web designer or programmer, I'd probably recommend *WordPress*. It's a lot
easier for non-techies to set up, and I've seen some spiffy sites done with
it. On the other hand, I also hear it's a lot less flexible for web
designer/programmers. In other words, if you want to do what IT wants you to
do, it's GREAT, but if you want to do something slightly different, you may
be out of luck. That makes sense, though. I figure you get extreme
ease-of-use OR extreme flexibility, but not both. Don't know if you could do
an online registration form with it, for example. Anyone have experience
with this?

I can't imagine a contra dance group ever needing something like *Drupal*,
which (I hear) falls squarely in the techie (extreme flexibility) camp. But
hey, if you've got someone who knows it, rumor has it that it can do amazing

Uh-oh, just realized that we're not already on the contradance web-stuff
discussion list. My apologies.

So, in penance, and to keep the discussion about dance, I will include here
a link to my cute little double grand square Flash


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