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Lisa Sieverts lisa at lisasieverts.com
Fri Oct 28 13:18:45 PDT 2011

Thanks, Chrissy. Yes, this is especially relevant since many of us will be
attending the Northeast Dance Organizers Conference in a few weeks. I've
just signed up for the Shared Weight Organizers list (finally) and look
forward to seeing that list reinvigorated post-conference.



On Fri, Oct 28, 2011 at 12:57 PM, Chrissy Fowler <ktaadn_me at hotmail.com>wrote:

> Hi all,
> As much as I've enjoyed the recent "marketing-to-college-students" thread
> on the SW Callers list, I would have much preferred to see it happening on
> the SW Organizers list instead.  It's not necessarily* relevant for people
> who are callers, but it's definitely relevant to organizers, and folks on
> the SW organizers list might themselves enjoy the brainstorming/solutions
> offered by this particular thread.  (*Meaning, yes, some callers are
> involved in organizing, but not all of us are.)
> I acknowledge that many of us wear multiple hats in the traditional dance
> world - caller/organizer/musician/sound/webmaster/dancer - but since we have
> these thoughtfully-created separate lists for each little hat we wear, I'm
> requesting that my fellow posters please consider which lists are
> appropriate for their topic of concern, and post on that list instead.
> If people on SW Callers list want it to be something less-defined, then I
> guess that's a separate question, but it seems to me it would make each list
> more useful if the content was specific to the name of the list.
> So, can you please post only caller concerns here?
> Thanks!
> Chrissy Fowler
> P.S. Unless anyone objects, I'm going to cut/paste these most recent
> organizer-related exchanges, sans contact info/addresses, and send to the SW
> organizer list.  You can email me directly (ktaadn_me at hotmail.com) to
> voice your objection.)
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