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Hi Mary,

David Millstone's suggestion to look at the resources of the CDSS website is
a great one:
has a lot of good stuff.

As a recently transitioned young dancer (I'm no longer under 30), I can say
that of the things on the list, accessibility was probably the biggest
factor for me. Make the dance easy to get to. You've got colleges in the
outlying area, but if those kids are used to being at their college for
their social interaction, why would they go elsewhere? It's great to offer
rides and facilitate carpooling, but you've got to give them the initial
experience of contra dancing before they decide to get in a car with a
stranger to go out to a dance. If possible, have a dance at their campus
and/or someplace they can walk to, and then make sure the people that have a
good time at those can get to your next dance.

On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 11:00 PM, Mary Collins <nativedae at gmail.com> wrote:

> I know that there have been threads regarding this but I do need some help
> so forgive the revisit.  I'm looking for ideas for posters that will "grab"
> the interest of college students and get them to come to our dance.  We are
> in Buffalo NY that has an incredible number of colleges and universities
> either in Buffalo or in the immediate outlying areas.  Our college age
> attendance is pretty small and mostly the net result of one initial college
> age dancer. (we love her!) I'd like to get some posters up at the local
> campuses and wondered what had worked for others, and what did not.  Thanks
> in advance!
> Mary Collins
> QCCD.org
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