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Alan Winston - SSRL Central Computing winston at slac.stanford.edu
Sun Oct 9 14:31:30 PDT 2011

Read wrote:

> A question about terminology (maybe two).

> Does the term "improper" mean a formation, or a position? In other
> words, does that term mean a line of dancers that alternates gent/
> lady/gent/lady down the right line and lady/gent/lady/gent down the
> left line, or does it mean gent in the right line, lady in the left
> line (all left/right designations based on facing the top of the set)?

Improper is definitely a formation and sometimes a position, here in the SF Bay
Area. In calling English I'm happy to say "and end improper" (having learned
that "finish improper" can be heard as "finishing proper"); in my dance notes I
may say "relatively improper" (but I wouldn't usually say that aloud), in 
calling contra I'd tend to say "on the wrong side" or "in your partner's

-- Alan

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