[Callers] The Beginners' Lesson Tips?

Martha Edwards meedwards at westendweb.com
Tue Oct 4 10:44:43 PDT 2011

Clearly, it matters what your dance community is like. If you usually have
lots of beginners dancing together, then the extra neighbor interaction
increases their chance of dancing with an experienced dancer.  But if your
community is filled with dance angels who specifically ask newcomers to
dance, then the increased neighbor interaction effectively *reduces *those
chances by however much you have reduced partner interaction.

I'd agree with your approach if the usual pairing early on is with new
people who came together - then it makes a lot of sense!  But in a community
which has succeeded in getting lots of dancers to make sure the new folks
have experienced partners, it doesn't exactly work the way you may have

I'm just sayin' ... know your community.


On Tue, Oct 4, 2011 at 12:41 AM, Chris Page <chriscpage at gmail.com> wrote:

> On Mon, Oct 3, 2011 at 8:55 PM, Martha Edwards <meedwards at westendweb.com>
> wrote:
> ...
> >
> > So there you are, having asked a newcomer to dance, and you watch
> somewhat
> > helplessly as they dance with other newcomers while you dance with their
> > experienced partner!
> >
> > M
> > E
> Speaking as someone else who goes heavy on the neighbor interaction early
> on.
> Yes, but on the flip side you're helping all the other newcomers in
> the line. And you're in the general vicinity for emergency assists and
> progressions.
> -Chris Page
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