[Callers] posting on relevant lists

Chrissy Fowler ktaadn_me at hotmail.com
Fri Oct 28 09:57:01 PDT 2011

Hi all,

As much as I've enjoyed the recent "marketing-to-college-students" thread on the SW Callers list, I would have much preferred to see it happening on the SW Organizers list instead.  It's not necessarily* relevant for people who are callers, but it's definitely relevant to organizers, and folks on the SW organizers list might themselves enjoy the brainstorming/solutions offered by this particular thread.  (*Meaning, yes, some callers are involved in organizing, but not all of us are.)  

I acknowledge that many of us wear multiple hats in the traditional dance world - caller/organizer/musician/sound/webmaster/dancer - but since we have these thoughtfully-created separate lists for each little hat we wear, I'm requesting that my fellow posters please consider which lists are appropriate for their topic of concern, and post on that list instead.  

If people on SW Callers list want it to be something less-defined, then I guess that's a separate question, but it seems to me it would make each list more useful if the content was specific to the name of the list.  

So, can you please post only caller concerns here? 

Chrissy Fowler

P.S. Unless anyone objects, I'm going to cut/paste these most recent organizer-related exchanges, sans contact info/addresses, and send to the SW organizer list.  You can email me directly (ktaadn_me at hotmail.com) to voice your objection.)


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