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JD Erskine sailargh at victoria.tc.ca
Thu Oct 27 23:51:00 PDT 2011

On 26/Oct/11 19:10, David Millstone wrote:
> Dear Mary,
> I'll just add that I don't think the poster is what will bring students
> to an unfamiliar activity off campus. Ultimately, it's people who bring
> other people to a dance, friends bringing friends.
> When some dance organizers have surveyed newcomers to find out what
> brought them to the dance, the overwhelming reason was, "A friend
> brought me."
> One of the points made somewhere-- sorry, can't find the source-- is
> that when trying to attract young people in particular, you do best to
> think in terms of groups rather than individuals. Broad generalization:
> they'll go if others are going. So, the effort needs to be to get a group.

> David Millstone
> Lebanon, NH

Likely in the excellent essay, Dancing on College Campuses
by Jenny Beer and Joanna Reiner. Good folks. Available here:

and here:

A number of poster ideas at the foot of:

Cheers, JD

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